Perth Australia Day Skyworks 2010

I wanted to try something different this year, so I revisited one of the freeway overpasses that I had previously visited on another photo shoot.

My original plan was to shoot alongside the river, but the tide had come in late in the afternoon, and there wasn’t anywhere good to stand since the water level had covered the beach and it was hard to get a clear shot of the city skyline so I decided to shoot from the overpass to take advantage of the traffic travelling along the freeway resulting in a combination of the fireworks and traffic trails.

I can’t believe the amount of stupidity I witnessed last night. I was taking photos from a freeway overpass over the Kwinana freeway and before the fireworks started, 4 men ran across the freeway (And crossing the train lines) and then back again, and if that wasn’t stupid enough, they were completely naked! LOL

I can’t believe that despite all the warnings about parking your car on the side of the freeway and how police were going to crack down on it which was on the news and on the radio all day, we witnessed cars all stopping in the Emergency lane, and within 15 mins of the fireworks, there was a line of cars parked along the emergency lane. To make matters worse, it was where the lanes merged up, and yet 4 cars decided to park where the lanes merge up, and we watched as 2 cars decided it was time to go, and as they were pulling out of the emergency lane, they nearly got cleared out by traffic travelling along the freeway! Eventually the Police came and told them all to clear off. I counted 25 cars in my final photo before the police arrived!

The thing was, where they all had decided to park, there was a big sign saying “Emergency stopping lane only” Absolute stupidity!

Overall it was a good show even though it got a bit windy around sunset, at least the temperature wasn’t to high this year.

Photos from the night can be seen over on my redbubble page:

~ by eos20 on January 27, 2010.

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