Perth’s Wild Weather

Perth was hit by a severe storm on Monday March 22 which finally brought the 107 day drought to a end with just over 40mm of rain recorded in the city from the downpour brought on by the storm. There was allot of hail in the Northern suburbs and around the Central part of the city which caused allot of damage to cars and property, fortunately by time the storm passed over where I live, we didn’t get the hail, but we did get allot of rain. This was the worse storm to hit Perth since 1994, and it has been declared as being a natural disaster.  The storm hit Perth around 4pm, but didn’t reach my suburb till just before 5pm. It made things really bad for all those peak hour commuters who had to deal with the massive downpour and stormy conditions while making their way home. Fortunately, I was home before the storm hit so wasn’t out on the roads.
My Suburb is still looking a bit worse for wear, with allot of fallen trees and storm debris still waiting to be cleaned up, and a few fences blown down, my next door neighbours gazebo became airborne and ended up across the fence of the house behind them (it landed in our back yard during another storm a few years ago). My back yard was flooded, and the gutters couldn’t handle all the rain and was overflowing during the worse of the storm. We lost power in our area for about 15 hours due to a mini tornado severely damaging the local power sub station, and it took a while to repair it because the storms had done so much damage to the power grid during the storm around the entire metropolitan area, and knocking out over 100 sets of traffic lights, with a few intersections still out 3 days after the storm.

The local shops were pretty much closed the day after the storm due to the lack of power, and only the major supermarkets were opened, but they were only selling limited stock, with all the fridges not running due to the power blackouts.

The storm clear around sunset, and there was about 10-15 mins of sunshine as the clouds opened up creating some great lighting conditions, and creating a spectacular rainbow.

Here are a few pics I took during the storm:

Perth’s Wild Weather

~ by eos20 on March 24, 2010.

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