Tuesday August 11

I was up in Joondalup late in the afternoon and I had my camera with me, so I decided to go and take a few photos and do a bit of location scouting. The weather wasn’t to great, and it was mostly overcast, with a few showers about.

My first stop was Neil Hawkins Park which is located at Joondalup Lake. This is a great spot if you enjoy bird photography, with plenty of bird life around the park, and out on the lake, I even saw a few turtles around the jetty. I spent about 20 minutes at the lake, but it was to overcast to get any good shots, so I decided I would go and visit some of the Northern Beaches.

The first beach I visited was Burns Beach. When I got down to the beach, It was very windy and overcast, the tide was also high on this day which was also disappointing because I’ve seen some great shots taken of the rocks along this beach when the tide is lower, and I was hoping to get a couple shots on this visit. The waterline was high up onto the beach and there wasn’t really much room to work with either. The sun was trying to break though the clouds, but it was no use, but I did manage to get a few shots of the Crepuscular rays breaking though the clouds.

I then decided I would go a bit further North, my Next stop was Mindarie Boat Harbour, I didn’t take to many shots around the harbour, just a couple reference shots and a few shots for Panoramio.

I then headed further North to Quinns Rocks Beach, when I got there, the beach was closed due to beach erosion. I managed to shoot a couple photos from the car park, but the weather was terrible and I didn’t get anything great from this visit.

I then decided to start heading South and start heading back home. It was nearly sunset, so I decided I would head down to Trigg Beach in hope of a bit of sunlight and some colour as the sun set but I didn’t get any colour, and the sunset was a huge disappointment. I took a couple long exposure photos, and done some black and white photography which I haven’t done much of lately.

After I was done at Trigg beach I started heading home, I was driving though the City and I remembered the Mount Henry Bridge Jetty, so I decided I would go down and take a look. On my last visit to this jetty, they had put up a large fence around the jetty blocking access to the jetty. When I arrived, I saw that the old wooden jetty had now been replaced with a brand new jetty. The new jetty seems nice, but I personally prefer the wooden jetties, the new jetty seems a little sterile. LOL

I shot around the new jetty, and I also took some photos of the Mount Henry Bridge from the new jetty, and underneath the bridge. I then drove around the river and discovered a small jetty that I didn’t know was there, so I quickly stopped and done a quick U-Turn and in the process, I think I scared a man walking his dog. LOL

I took a few photos of the jetty, then headed up a bit further and then I took a few more photos of the Mount Henry Bridge looking across the river.

In the end, I managed to get a few decent photos out of this shoot, but most of my photos will be used as reference shots for future photo shoots, and a couple will go up onto Panoramio.




~ by eos20 on August 12, 2009.

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