August 7

I took a drive down to Lake Clifton, South of Mandurah. The lake is located about 100km south of Perth. Lake Clifton is part of the Yalgorup National Park which spans between Mandurah and the South Western town of Australind and covers about 130km. Lake Clifton is home to a formation of Thrombolites, which are rock like structures made up of micro organisms similar to Stromatolites.

I arrived at the lake at around 4:30pm giving me some time to shoot before sunset. I got out to the board walk and saw that the tide up and I was very disappointed. I was hoping for a lower tide. And all the cloud had cleared away giving me clear skies, which meant yet another boring and average sunset was on the way. I took a few shots and was seriously considering packing up and heading back to Mandurah, but I decided to stick around for sunset since I had already driven that far anyway. I was about to get into the water with the Thrombolites to shoot, but just as I was about to get into the water, a lady walking her dog came, so I thought I better not. LOL

I saw a swarm of small black birds all come and went under the board walk, I think they must be nesting under their. While shooting later in the night, I walked to the end of the board walk and a couple of them got startled and flew away (Oops). LOL It was a amazing sight to see them all fly under the board walk though.

Sunset was pretty average, no cloud and average colours. I shot till dusk, then cleared the memory card onto my laptop so I would have a clear card for a anticipated shoot back at Mandurah. I was about to pack up and go and then I saw the moon rising over the trees which gave me the idea to stick around and shoot the Thrombolites under moonlight. Once the memory card had copied, I started to shoot again, at this stage it was twilight and I figured it would be to late to drive back to Mandurah and find anywhere good to shoot before the colours in the sky faded anyway.

I started to shoot the board walk as the moon was rising, and I decided I would shoot the board walk for a bit while I waited for the moon to rise. Once the moon had got to a decent hight, I started shooting the Thrombolites again, The design of the board walks guard rail made it very difficult to set up the tripod and get a good composition, I am also in desperate need of a ultra wide angle lens too, as I’ve found myself in many situations where my current lenses are just not wide enough. LOL

Some cloud cover started to roll in at about 7:30pm, this was fantastic high scattered cloud that I really like at sunset and I’ve seen it at night quite a few times over the last 2 months (It’s never around at Sunrise and Sunset though!). I decided that I would use this cloud to my advantage, by shooting some long exposure shots to get really nice long streaky clouds that I really like when I do night photography. I managed to get some great shots, but eventually it became overcast, and the moonlight soon faded. It was now getting late, and was starting to get cold, and I had to drive back to Perth, so I decided to finally pack up and head home. I ended up spending just over 4 hours shooting at the lake, I never ended up shooting at Mandurah in the end, but will probably head back down again at some stage.


~ by eos20 on August 7, 2009.

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