Sunday August 3

We had some interesting looking high cloud formations in the afternoon, so I decided I would head out for a sunset shoot knowing that we would end up with a nice sunset, and I wasn’t disappointed! A spectacular sunset tonight.

I was planning on heading down towards the city for a shoot somewhere along the river or near the CBD, but while driving, I noticed that all the clouds had cleared away from the City and was moving south, so I decided to head down to Rockingham.

I arrived at around 5pm with the sun still up and the area was bathed in golden light. We had some spectacular cloud formations when I arrived in the area, so I stopped at the Kwinana bulk grain handling terminal and took some photos of the cloud formation over the beach, and the grain jetty.

I then headed down to Point Peron near Safety Bay and waited for sunset. Sunset was great, nice cloud formations, and great colour. Once the sun had set, I jumped into the car and headed back to the Rockingham foreshore. My first stop was at a jetty I saw on the way to Point Peron, It’s a brand new jetty that is almost complete, but still fenced up. There use to be a jetty at this location, but they have built a much taller and bigger jetty to replace the old one. I shot at this location for a bit, but there were to many people getting in the way, so I headed further along to the Esplanade Jetty near the town centre. There were two jetties at this location and it gave me the opportunity to shoot at both. The dusk light was absolutely amazing at this stage, and I got some fantastic colours in the sky.

When I was done, I headed back to the grain jetty to get a few more shots before the light and colours finally disappeared.

~ by eos20 on August 3, 2009.

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