July 2009 Wrap Up

Another busy month for me, with plenty of photo shoots.

Thursday July 7

I heard on the radio that the US Aircraft carrier the USS George Washington had arrived at Fremantle for a 7 day visit, so I decided to head down to Photograph the aircraft carrier at Sunset. I headed over to North Mole, one of my favourite spots in Fremantle at Sunset. I got down there and was surprised that it was pretty quiet, with only a few people fishing, and  I saw one other photographer while I there. We had a nice sunset, with a bit of cloud, which really enhanced the colours in the sky.


After I was done I decided to re-visit the Mosman Bay boatsheds yet again. I was determined to get some good shots, And the weather conditions were better on this night. I got down to the Boatsheds and their was some colour in the sky, and I managed to spend a quality hour shooting at the boatsheds.

The tide was really low on this night, it was the lowest I’ve ever seen it while out on a shoot, this gave me the opportunity to shoot the boatsheds from a different perspective, which under normal circumstances would involve me standing waste deep in water. LOL

Overall, I was happy with this visit to the boatsheds and I managed to get some nice photos.





After I was done at the Boatshed, I decided to go back down to Fremantle to take some night photos of the warships, unfortunately they didn’t work out. I then decided to head over to Fremantle harbour to see if I could photograph the other warship that was docked  at the Port, but I couldn’t get a clear enough view.

I then went over to the WA Maritime museum building, and to the docks and took a few night shots.




I then stopped at the carpark across the road from the old Woolstores building to try and see if I could get a clear view of the docked warship, while I did get a panorama of the ship, it wasn’t a clear enough view. I did manage to get a few shots of the old Woolstores building though.



Saturday July 4

I decided to re-visit Mettams Pool Beach again for a sunset shoot. It was another pretty average sunset, with cloud blocking the sun as it was setting. I then decided to go find the North beach jetty and try and get a few shots there. I jumped into the car and headed up West Coast Hwy. I pulled into the next beach carpark thinking it was where the jetty was, I grabbed my gear and headed down to the beach and was greeted with  the sight of a fully exposed reef, due to a really low tide. My jaw fell to the floor when I saw this beach! I could have kicked myself for not knowing about this beach, and wasting time at Mettams Pool Beach. The clouds had moved South by now, and I was now getting some nice twilight colours in the sky, So I quickly set up and started shooting this magnificent reef while I still had some colour in the sky. The greens from the reef were absolutely amazing! I was happy with the location, but wished that I had got down earlier. I did manage to get a few nice shots from this shoot.





I was driving home and going though the city and decided to go visit the Old Swan Brewery for a night shoot, so I headed down. I was planning on shooting at the jetty, but there were people fishing from the jetty, So I didn’t hang around for to long.


I then decided to head down to see what the tide was like at the Crawley Edge Boatshed. It was a complete opposite to my previous visit a week earlier, when it was flooded due to a storm surge. On this night, the tide was really low, and I decided to try and shoot the boatshed from a different perspective. I started off by shooting down at the beach, and then I though I would get a bit closer, and then closer, the next thing I knew, I was standing knee deep in the river with fish swimming around my legs! LOL

I must have looked completely mad to the people walking past, the people who were having a party on their balcony at the apartments across the road from the boatshed, and to the Taxi driver that was sitting at the street where I had parked my car when I was walking back with my jeans all wet, and water coming out of my shoes! LOL

I had left my tripod in the back of my car after the shoot, and the next day, my car stank like river water! LOL

I did manage to get some great shots, so it was worth getting a little wet.





Sunday July 19

It was a rainy day here in Perth, but the clouds had cleared a bit late in the afternoon, and their was a sun shower. I thought the light would produce a rainbow, so I went out the front of my house to take a look, and I was right, A nice rainbow had formed, so I quickly grabbed the camera and managed to get a few shots before the clouds covered the sun up again.


We had some thunderstorms roll in at dusk, so I decided to head down to Fremantle to try and get some lightning photos. It was a very cold, windy and stormy night, and when I was heading down Canning Hwy near Fremantle it started to hail and rain heavily. I had to get off the Hwy and pull over because I couldn’t see anything due to how heavy the rain was coming down! When the rain finally stopped, I headed down to see what the conditions were like at North Mole. I got down to the gates and saw a few cars heading back down, with waves crashing against the sea wall and covering the road. I decided to turn around and pulled into a small carpark at the gate, and my car was splashed by the water crashing over the sea wall near the carpark.

I then headed over to Leighton beach, A carpark that is perched up high above the beach, I thought this would be a good spot. When I got to the carpark the wind was so strong that my car was shaking violently and it started to pour down with rain again. The lightning had moved inland at this stage, so I decided to head down to the see if I could catch the storm over the City. While heading back towards the city, I noticed the street signs and power lines taking a battering from the strong winds!

I got down to South Perth, but the storm had already moved inland. I was determined to get a few photos, I didn’t want to waste a whole night and return without a single photo. I waited till the rain settled down a bit, And I got a couple shots of the city from the Queen St Jetty. Unfortunately most of them were ruined from rain droplets and lens flair from having a wet filter.


I then headed over to the South Perth jetty to see if I could get a few night shots of the paddle steamer “Decoy” The rain wasn’t coming down to hard at this point, so I got out and managed to get a few shots.


It wasn’t raining to hard at this stage, so I headed over to Burswood Casino. I was shooting at the parklands when I noticed a Police car pull up and they pointed their spotlight towards me, I thought they would come over to question me on what I was doing (It was about 11pm, and was raining) but in the end, they just drove off (I don’t think they were as keen as me to be standing out in the rain). LOL



Monday July 20

Another cold and stormy night, with thunderstorms rolling in just after sunset. A severe weather warning was issued, and was being hyped on the radio and on the news. They predicted that it would hit Perth at around 8pm, so I decided to head down to Jandakot airport to see if I could capture some lightning during this storm. Unfortunately the storm only brought heavy wind and rain, with the odd flash of sheet lightning. what A disappointment! I did manage to get a couple shots around the industrial area, but nothing special.

Tuesday July 21

I noticed late in the afternoon that it was fine and partly cloudy, so I decided I would go out for a sunset photoshoot. I didn’t really have to much time to go to far, so I headed down to the Shelley Foreshore along the Canning river. I headed over to the jetty and started to shoot. Unfortunately the sunset colours I was after didn’t really happen, and I only had a short amount of time before all the colour in the sky disappeared. It then started to rain. I continued to shoot for a bit, but then decided to head back to the car. When I got back to the car, It stopped raining, so I decided to continue my shoot for a bit longer, with some good results, so I’m glad I decided to stay for a bit longer.





Friday July 25

I decided to do a sunset photoshoot at Burswood. On the way to the Casino, I decided to stop and take a few photos of the Red Castle in Lathlain.


I then headed down to Burswood Parkland’s and done a sunset photoshoot at the Casino.




I then went back to the Lathlain Red Castle to shoot the train bridge and do some traffic trails along Great Eastern Hwy.


I then headed over to the Coode St Jetty in South Perth. Unfortunately, there was a group of drunk women sitting next to the jetty, who decided to start to harass me, so I decided to leave.


I then headed over to the Queen St Jetty to shoot, It was another typical calm winters night, with nice reflections from the city lights in the water. There was a slight ripple in the water, which produced some interesting effects in the reflections in the water.  This shoot didn’t last to long, because a group wanted to fish off the jetty, but I did manage to get a few decent shots before I left.



Sunday July 27

I was driving though the city on the way home and had my camera with me, so I decided to head over to shoot at the overpass at Claisebrook train station overlooking the Northbridge tunnel. I’ve wanted to go and shoot at this location for a while now and finally got around to being around the area at sunset. I got to the overpass just after sunset, and we had some cloud which was a bonus.



Monday July 27

Just a local shoot on this night. I thought that it was going to be a nice sunset, so I headed down to a local lake near my house. By time I got to the lake, the sun disappeared behind the clouds and we got a boring sunset, with very little cloud. I did manage to get a few shots just before the sunlight disappeared though.


Wednesday July 29

The most spectacular sunset this month, and one of the best this year. It was an absolutely amazing shoot and I nearly missed it all together because I didn’t really plan on heading out on this night. I was planning on heading down to the coast, but I had left to late, so I headed down to Applecross jetty, a spot that I managed to get some great sunset shots from on my previous visit. I arrived at Applecross around 5:30pm and managed to shoot while the sun was still in the sky. We had some great cloud formations, and I managed to get some nice shots of the sun and the surrounding area. It was a low tide on this visit, and I managed to photograph a old wooden structure, which would have otherwise been underwater.

I saw another photographer that was shooting before I had arrived, but he left just after the sun had set, which was crazy, because the best shots from the night came during the twilight hour! I shot at the location till just after 7pm when finally the last of the colour disappeared.






Thursday July 30

Things were looking good late in the afternoon, I could see some scattered cloud forming out towards the coast, so I decided to head down to North Beach in hope of getting a really nice sunset because on my last two visits, the sunset had been ruined by cloud cover.

Traffic was really heavy along West Coast Hwy and I could see the great light as the sun made it’s way towards the horizon. When I finally got to North beach, I only had about 10 mins before the sun had set. The clouds had also moved south, and I ended up with a pretty average sunset. While driving to the location, I did noticed that there was some nice cloud cover over the city, and I think I would have ended up with better results if I had done a river shoot closer to the city.

This shoot didn’t go to plan, and to make things worse, while shooting at North beach, I had walked though a cluster of smelly seaweed, and out came a huge swarm of sand flies that had gathered around the seaweed, and then decided I was a better thing to cling to and they all swarmed around me.

I didn’t spend much time shooting at the beach, I waited till the sun had gone down and the twilight colours to come out, then I finished and moved over to the North beach jetty. I managed to get some decent shots, but they had cleared away the huge pile of seaweed that had washed up during the recent storms, leaving behind exposed rocks, which were very slippery. I managed to get a nice spot alongside the jetty and started shooting away, Then I giant wave came out of nowhere and just missed me where I was standing. After that, I decided it was to dangerous and moved up to the jetty for a few more shots, then I decided to leave since all the colour had left the sky.






I was driving though the city on the way home, so decided to stop at East Perth for a few quick shots at Claisebrook cove, A spot I’ve wanted to visit for a while. It was a nice location, and I am planning on heading back when I get some better light. This shoot didn’t last to long because my battery was running low, and I had left the spare in the car.




When I got back to the car, I put in the new battery and headed over to Claisebrook train station to see if I could get a few shots from the overpass again. There wasn’t enough traffic at this time of night, and I saw a group of dodgy looking guys heading over towards where I was, so I decided it was time to leave.

I got back into my car quickly, Tripod and all, which gave me the idea of driving though the tunnel and shooting some light trails. I’ve previously attempted this on a few occasions, but haven’t been to successful on previous attempts over the years. I set the tripod up over the front passenger seat, made sure the camera would stay stable and focus, and then I set the exposure and hoped for the best. I used my shutter release cable to shoot and I made two passes though the tunnel. Tonight’s photos seemed to have worked out good, still not perfect, but much better then my previous attempts, It is hard to shoot and drive at the same time. LOL


As you can see, July was a busy month for me, and things should start getting busier as Spring gets closer and the Wildflower season starts here in Western Australia. Be sure to watch my blog for more regular updates on my shoots throughout August.

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  1. Hello,

    I saw your excellent photograph of our city concrete plant at East Perth online. I was not able to locate it in your for purchase gallery.


    Josh Maldon

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