June 2009 wrap up

Wednesday June 3

I went down to the Como Jetty for a sunset and evening photoshoot. We had a bit of cloud about, but I didn’t get the colours I was really after, however, I managed to witness and capture a very rare and unusual sight of some giant Crepuscular Rays beaming up from the horizon and all the way up into the sky. It was an amazing sight and I was lucky enough to have been able to capture it. I did mange to get some nice shots of the jetty and the light was still good, despite not getting the really nice sunset that I was hoping for.

You can see a few shots from this photoshoot bellow:









Tuesday June 9

I visited the deep water point jetty for a sunset and evening photoshoot. It was a nice calm winters night, with no wind and some nice reflections of the Perth city lights reflecting off a very still Canning River. We had a bit of cloud about, and it resulted in some nice colours at sunset. I shot till after twilight, and had a couple people watching me while I was working. LOL

I also saw the moon rise at around 7pm and managed to get a few shots of the moon rising over the river.

You can see a few shots from this photoshoot bellow:






Thursday June 11

I went down to the Kent St Weir to check out this location. It was a grey and overcast afternoon and wasn’t really a artistic shoot, rather a location scouting shoot. The location itself seems interesting, with plenty of potential, however, the council has put up a safety fence that will be in place over the winter months which will protect people from falling into the river, but makes the weir unappealing for a photoshoot, so I will return again once the fence has been taken down.

I also visited the Riverton bridge, which isn’t far from the weir. It’s a nice historic bridge, and would make a great location for a future shoot, unfortunately it was raining and overcast on this visit.

Tuesday June 21

I went down to Mettams Pool Beach. It was a stormy sunset, and I didn’t get any colour due to the overcast conditions. I did manage to get some stormy and moody looking shots from this visit though.

After the disappointing sunset shoot at Mettams Pool Beach, I decided to stop at the Perth wheel on the way home. Being a weeknight meant that I could actually manage to find a parking space, and it was quiet, so people wouldn’t walk in front of the camera while shooting. This was my first chance to see the new wheel up close. Personally I don’t see anything really great about it, but it does make a interesting thing to shoot, even though it’s become the new ClichĂ© location for Perth photographers. LOL

You can see a few shots from this photoshoot bellow:




Thursday June 25

I visited Mosman bay for a sunset photoshoot. I stopped down by Meads restaurant and the Swan Canoe Clubhouse jetty. Clouds started to roll in and the colour in the sky started to fade. I watched a water police boat doing some exercises just off Point Walter sandbar.

I then headed over to the boatsheds and shot during the twilight hour, well, I was there for about 20mins, then it started to rain so I had to end my shoot earlier then I wanted.






Saturday June 27

I decided to return to Mosman bay for a sunrise photoshoot. Their was a sever weather warning in place, but things were looking good, so I thought I could get down and shoot before the stormy weather came in, which was forecasted to last for a week and I figured this would be my last chance to shoot for a week.

I got down to the Mosman Bay foreshore about 30mins before sunrise and things were looking good, It was cloudy, but there were large clear patches. I could see colour in the sky, and I managed to get some nice dawn shots. But just before sunrise, it started to become overcast, and it started to drizzle so I headed back to the car and headed over to the Boatsheds.




It stopped raining, So I started to shoot at the boatsheds. I headed over to the Jetty and started shooting, and that’s when the rain returned with a vengeance! Me not wanting to let a little bit of rain get in the way of getting my shots, decided to keep shooting, but it got to the point where it was pouring down with rain, so I retreated back to the shelter of my car and waited for the rain to stop.


I headed back over to the foreshore and took a few more shots as the sun was starting to shine again, but this didn’t last long, and I soon found myself retreating to my car again.


I then headed back to the boatsheds and waited for the rain to stop. When it did eventually stop, the sun broke through the clouds at around 8am and I managed to get some decent early morning light and to capture a nice rainbow that had formed over towards Fremantle.




Once I was done shooting at the Boatsheds, I decided to head down to Fremantle to see what the conditions at the beach was like and hoping I would be able to see a few more early morning coastal rainbows. I went down to Port beach and it was very windy, and their was a huge swell. I managed to get a few shots of the heavy seas, before the rain started to come down again. I didn’t manage to capture another rainbow, but when I was driving out of Fremantle, I took a look in my rear view mirror and saw a nice rainbow that had formed over the Fishing boat harbour. Typical! LOL


Monday June 29

Another stormy morning, with a severe weather warning in place, and a storm was forested to hit in the morning. I was out storm chasing in the early hour. I could see and hear a good storm near CBD, so I jumped out of bed and into the car and drove down to the city. By time I got there the storm had moved inland. Not wanting to waste my time I decided to head over to the Old Swan brewery for a sunrise shoot, as I’ve always wanted to do a sunrise shoot at the brewery and things were looking good as the cloud seemed to have cleared away. I got down to the Old Swan brewery at around 5:30am and just as I arrived I heard that the radio station Nova 93.7 were having their competition breakfast at the brewery that morning so the carpark was full, which meant I had to park further down and walk to the brewery, I didn’t mind the walk, well, not at that point anyway…..

I got down to the brewery and started to shoot as the colour started to appear in the sky. I then headed over to the jetty and set up in anticipation of a nice sunrise. Just before sunrise, The clouds came back in, and then the wind started to pick up. I was standing at the end of the jetty not really paying attention to the wind, when a freak gust came out of nowhere and I was nearly blown off the jetty and into the water. Luckily I was able to regain my balance in time, or I would have ended up going for a unplanned morning swim.




At about 7am it started to rain a bit, I had a rain cover over my camera, and I was wearing a hooded jacket, so this didn’t really bother me much. I continued to shoot for another 30mins or so, until it really started to pour down with rain and I couldn’t keep the front filter from getting rain from ruining my shots, so I decided to head back to my car, which was parked further down, so I had to walk all the way back to my car in the pouring rain. I think the people in the brewery who were enjoying their breakfast, and the Radio crew must have though I was nuts! as well as the people driving down Mounts Bay Rd in peak hour traffic. LOL


I was planning on heading home to get dry, but I saw that the Crawley Edge boatshed was flooded due to a storm surge, so I stopped at the carpark next to the UWA boatshed and saw that the Crawley edge boatshed was really deep and the tide had washed right up to the footpath, so I headed back over the the Boatshed and spent a hour shooting. The sun did manage to come out for a bit, and I got some nice light, but I also got very wet again.






When I finally got home, I was absolutely soaking wet, but I did manage to get some good shots, and the camera stayed dry, which is the important thing really. LOL

Even though the weather didn’t play nice to me in June, I still managed to get some great shots, even if it meant getting a little bit cold and wet, at least I will always have the memories of the crazy things I went though to get the shots for many years to come, and that’s all part of good photography I guess. LOL

Be sure to check in to see what I got up to in the month of July.

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